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Flextronics E-Commerce Initiative

Read the letter from Flextronics Chief Procurement and Supply Chain Officer to all Flextronics suppliers

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Better Your Business

B2B Integration solutions can transform your business

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The Flextronics Certified Technology Program

The Flextronics Certified Technology Program (CTP) is part of Flextronics’ on-going commitment to increasing the value it brings to its trading partners. As a Flextronics customer or supplier, you can receive objective guidance about which technology solutions are best suited to your business both now and as you grow. You can also take advantage of special packages developed for the Flextronics community, discounted pricing, and accelerated implementation. For answers to your questions about the Flextronics CTP, please contact CTP Team or your Flextronics customer support contact. And as always, thanks for being a valued member of the Flextronics trading partner community.

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